When its cold you need a Ravean heated jacket!

When it has been cold for a long period of time it is only natural to start thinking about ways of staying warm while still be able to go out to get on with your life. For some, it would just be getting in the car and turning the heater up to full, while for others where they are going there are no roads and for these outdoor type people they need something that this really going to heat things up.

This is the heated jacket from Ravean, it comes with built-in heated panels that can be turned on and off to suit the needs of the wearer. There are other features too, such as the heated fingers and heated hood, so you are getting an all over body warming experience not matter what the cold weather is throwing at you, the built-in battery pack provides different levels of heat over several hours.

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our new 2.0 heated down jacket has the following features: Back/chest/glove/pocket warmers, a new heated hood option, gloves with heated fingers, new controller, battery life gage, breathable underarm flex panels, rip guard outer shell, DWR water-resistant shell coating, hydrophobic down, reflective inner aluminum coating, and so much more!

There is one feature built into this jacket that could be a real lifesaver and that is the ability to charge your smartphone using the stored power in the built-in battery packs. So not only will this cost keep you lovely and warm, it can charge your devices too, so anyone looking to venture out into the wilderness will have no fear of feeling the cold or feeling cut off from the world when the low battery alert pops up on their phone.

#ravean #raveanheatedjacket #raveanphonecharger

This jacket is in development at the moment and can be found on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo where they are attempting to raise funds to get this into production. The good news is that you can grab yourself a bargain during the early crowdfunding phase. Deals start from around $39 for the gloves, while the jacket, gloves, hood and battery pack is going to set you back around $275 for details on how to get your hands on one of these deals go to the Ravean page on Indiegogo.