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30th January 2017

Robot learns how to 3D print more robots!

One of the biggest fears for the fans of science fiction and just about anyone else is that in the future robots will become aware, they will then learn how to design and build more robots, but that is never going to happen is it, the science community cannot be that crazy, or can they? Well, it seems like the answer to that question is no, this will not happen in the future, why? Because it is already happening and they even have a name for it, Generative Design! It turns out that in Norway scientists have a robot that is able to design and make new parts, the next step will assembly, but surely robots cannot do that, well, of course, the are manufacturing plants around the world making machines and products, these have been around for a long time.

The video shows that robots are able to design and print using a 3D printer, the next step will be to create a 4D printing system that allows the robot the create, print and build a robot, from there on it is only a matter of time before the rise of the machines take place and the human race will have a new enemy to worry about. It was not that long ago when Professor Stephen Hawking issued a warning to the science community about allowing machines to design and build themselves, it was a warning and not a challenge, will we never learn that combining science and sci-fi is never going to be a good thing. Despite these warnings, it seems like one day in the not too distant future, there will be a factory opened, it will be run by machines who will be designing and building new stronger machines, it might sound good at first, but then again so do many good ideas that somehow have a way of coming back to bite us.

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