So you want to be Batman! Whats the cost?

Unlike superheroes, Batman is just a man on a mission to rid his home city of the worst criminals. So, in order for him to survive the heat, he is going to need some help in the form of weapons, gadgets, vehicles and just about anything else he can lay his hands on. Yet, even so, the cost of the research and development of such equipment would be enough to break the bank of a small country. Luckily for us, this is something that we do not have to worry about, but if you were inclined to take on the criminals and take the law into your own hands, what would the cost be? The cost of becoming Batman is well beyond the bank balances of us normal people, but for a billionaire businessman, it is well within their reach, according to this graphic by Twizzle the cost of becoming Batman is around £28 million!

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