Charge your smartphone in 7 minutes with NitroQ!

There are plenty of portable power banks out there in the market that promise to charge your smartphone when you most need it, which is when you are away from a mains power supply and the low battery alert on your smartphone has just sounded. Yet, we have tried many of these portable power supplies and very few offer solid performance, they either take too long to charge or do not have the capacity to charge the smartphone fully, sure you can get enough to make an emergency phone call, but sometimes that is not enough.

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This is why we are interested to see the NitroQ power bank, it looks like a smartphone and is about the same size, but this device is promising to be special as they claim it can fully charge a smartphone in around seven minutes and it only take fifteen minutes to fully charge the NitroQ power bank from the mains power supply. If this is all true, then the NitroQ could be a game changer in this sector, with many of us using our devices all day long, the chances of the battery running down are high and the chance to fully charge the battery in such a short time is priceless.

7 minutes. That’s how long it takes to store one full smartphone charge in your NitroQ power bank. It takes just 15 minutes to fully charge NitroQ. NitroQ’s enhanced battery charges 10x faster than other power banks. We are able to do this using a nano-particle enhanced battery chemistry – technology that is typically found in high-end applications such as defense, aerospace and racing.

#nitroq #nitroqpowerbank #nitroqbatterycharger #smartphone #battery

The NitroQ portable battery charger weighs just under seven ounces and measures up at 4.82 in x 3.13 in x 0.47 in, it is highly portable and will be going on sale later on this year with a retail price of around $119, but this is a project on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and so that means the chance to pre-order one from around $59. To find out how you can grab a bargain, head on over to the NitroQ on Indiegogo, while stocks last!