Slice Of Life film set in the Blade Runner universe!

There is no doubt that Blade Runner is a science fiction classic and yet we have only experienced this future world once, one story set in the future with so many possibilities, we would surely think that it has to be such a waste of something wonderful. Fortunately for us, there is another story set in the same universe, this is called Slice of Life and it is something that you simply cannot miss. This is the trailer and as you can see, this has all of the looks, feel and atmosphere of the Blade Runner universe, it is dark and scary place at the best of times, yet could this be our future and to be honest this is not a place that you would like to wake up in after being in suspended animation for a long time, just imagine it!

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The whole film is made the old school way like the legendary SciFi movies of the 80’s (Star Wars, Alien and already mentioned Blade Runner). Think miniatures, matte paintings, rear projections – You won’t find any CGI here!!! Slice Of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80’s. The production is on for the last three years and it is completely self funded. We invite you to follow our journey back to the future envisioned by the 80’s!

The movie has been made in the classic style, using time-consuming methods, it would, of course, be all too easy to use CGI, but they have opted for the traditional way of making a cool science fiction movie and it pays off. You really appreciate the work and effort that has gone into this movie. Something like this does not come along every day and so Slice of Life should be something to look out for. The movie stars Anton Svetic, Ivica “Dragonrage” Pusticki and Emilija Habulin, it is directed by Luka Hrgovic and the screenplay is from Anton Svetic. For more details on the movie and how it is progressing go to the Slice of Life website.

#sliceoflife #sliceoflifemovie #bladerunner #classicsciencefiction

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