Bill Gates Inspired Donkey Game On iTunes!

Donkey or to be more precise DONKEY.BAS is a game that you may not have seen or heard of before, it was written way back in 1981 by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Neil Konzen, it never really made it to the big time, but through the fame of Bill Gates, it has become well known. Now you can play this game on your iPhone or Apple Watch and all its going to cost you is a £1, well you didn’t expect it to be free, did you?

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Play the great grandmother of all racing game on your Apple Watch and iPhone! DONKEY.APP is a super simple but frustratingly hard retro arcade game, inspired by Bill Gates’ one-and-only DOS game! For the first time on watchOS and iOS, relive the classic game that started it all! Beat the DONKEYS and become the top driver you’re born to be!

#billgates #donkey #donkeydrivinggame #8bitgames #drivinggame

Donkey is a driving game that comes in real 8 Bit gaming pleasure, no fancy graphics or anything come to think of it. This is something that you need when you have a few moments to waste, simply get it the game going and drive, but remember to avoid those donkeys, they are deadly! You can only play this game with an iOS powered device, so head on over to iTunes right now and pay your £1 for some serious classic gaming heaven.

Written by David Allen

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