Line-us The Robot Arm That Draws!

When it comes to robots we are too quick to blame them for things that they have not even done yet, such as the rise of the machines and judgement day. Yet, there are no signs of that happening just now and so we should give robots the benefit of the doubt. How about a robot that helps us out, in this case, we are looking at a robot with some specialist artist skills, in fact once set up it will copy anything that you draw on a screen, this is Line-us.

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Obviously, there are not many advantages to this at first sight, but this is a drawing robot and that is cool. Connect the Line-us robotic arm to the device through an internet connection and whatever you draw on the screen with your finger, stylus or mouse will be copied in real time, forget about expensive printers and ink, just stick a pen into the robotic arm and place it on some paper, it is that easy.

#lineus #lineusmachine #lineusapp #robot #roboticarm

Line-us works on iPads, iPhones and Android. It also works on Mac and PC. You can draw or write with your finger, a stylus, Wacom tablets or the Apple Pencil. It’s all up to you. We have designed the app with features that make it fun for anyone to draw, share and follow other people’s creations. Here are some of them: This is your canvas. Draw anything you want!

#lineus #lineusmachine #lineusapp #robot #roboticarm

It is early days for this cool design as they are currently raising funds through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. They are hoping to get this on sale towards the end of the year with the Line-us machine and app costing around £99, but back this project with just £69 and you could bag yourself a bargain, but only while stocks last. If you are interested in finding out more or backing the project, check out the Line-us Machine page on Kickstarter.

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