App pays £10 for reporting illegal car parking!

Just before we get too excited this is not an app that you download and you automatically become a parking enforcement officer, this is an app for small business and property owners who do not have the time or the resources to stop vehicle owners from parking on their property. The app is called i-Ticket and it is run by UK Car Park Management (CPM) who run car parks for larger businesses such as McDonalds, Tesco and the rest. But instead of you paying them to manage your car park this app allows you to manage it for yourself but with the backup of a large organisation with the resources to issue parking tickets to illegal car park users.

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Simply download the app, create an account, put up the no parking signs provided by CPM in a few days after registering and then when you spot a car parked on your land grab your smartphone. In order to get things moving you simply open the app, take a photo or photos, enter the offending vehicles details and then hit submit, that is it CPM will do the rest. Once in the system, CPM will use the data recorded with the DVLA to send a £60 parking ticket, which increases to £100 if it not paid within two weeks. Once the fine has been paid, you will be paid £10 commission, so not only will you be able to keep your car parking area clear of illegal parking, you can profit from it too.

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Now, if that sounds like just the ticket, the UK Car Park Management app is free from Google Play for Android users and for iPhone owners they just need to head on over to iTunes for the app. We are never going to be happy when a car parking fine drops through the letter box, but then again if you are going to just park anywhere you like then it shouldn’t come as surprise every now and then.

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