Gita by Piaggio the next generation delivery system!

We hear a lot about drones becoming the next generation of delivery systems and yet in many places, this system has little hope of getting off the ground. That does not mean we will not be getting autonomous parcel deliveries in the future, as this design from people who brought us the Vespa will show. This is the Gita from Piaggio, it is like a drum that rolls on its side, with enough storage space to carry forty pounds of parcels, food or luggage inside. This could be the answer that local stores have been dreaming of and it does not have to stop there either if the price was right this could be the future of luggage too!

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Gita is a 26 inch tall light vehicle that can carry up to 40 lbs.; its name means ‘short journey’ in Italian. Gita is able either to navigate high-density urban spaces while following people or to move autonomously along pathways that it has already traveled. It’s an everyday assistant designed to help people walk, run, pedal and skate their way more freely and productively through life.

#gita #piaggio #piaggiogita #deliverysystem

It is way too early to be thinking about this as becoming part of the scenery in our towns and cities, but this is one of those ideas that with the right backing could become an acceptable form of delivering groceries, food and parcels. Yet there are factors to think about here too, what about other footpath users and when the Gita has to cross a road. There is also the prospect that somebody might think that hijacking a Gita delivery might be profitable. If we put all that aside, the Gita could easily become a good way of delivering parcels and carrying luggage, just how long it will be before we get to see one in action is anyone’s guess. To stay in touch with the developments of the Gita delivery system go to the Piaggio website.

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