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Sometimes I wonder about the world and what is going on and yet when something like this movie pops up it sort of gives everything a different perspective. The idea of seeking out portals to another world is nothing new, but when all you have is Nissan Skyline and some plans to a long forgotten and ancient pyramid in deepest Essex this really is the basics of a cool sci-fi movie worthy of being one of the weirdest ever made, which is great! Essex Spacebin will rock your mind to the core, it skirts around mental illness, the star key, and a quest to travel to a better world than the one that we are already living in.

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The cult narrative of the movie pushes comedy into uncharted territory as we follow the adventures of the lovable Lorraine Willy, a middle-aged woman who has suffered a life of mental illness. Lorraine believes she has been infused by God with a divine purpose that only she (and an Intergalactic Rasta named Hogan) can fathom. She begins her journey looking for a “star key” – which she believes can help her access a parallel world known as the 7th Realm where she hopes to meet the maker.

#essexspacebin #pyramid #scifi #movie #essex #spacebin

If that has not gained your interest for Essex Spacebin then maybe nothing will, if on the other hand you are thinking that this might just be the thing that I have been looking for, then you are in luck! This is not a trailer or a pitch, this is an actual movie and it could be yours right now, just head on over to Amazon to check it out! This is one of those movies that reminds of when I was a lot younger and they used to show movies like this on the TV late at night, there is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with Essex Spacebin either, just grab your copy from Amazon, get the pizza and beers in, you are then sorted!

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