Is Being Batman more real than you think?

We already know about Batman or do we? To most fans of the DC Comic universe, he is Bruce Wayne a billionaire from Gotham City! That is the story that we have been told and why not believe it, after all, there are no other claims to the name. There have been sightings though all the way over in Brampton, Ontario have you seen him?

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THE DARK KNIGHT mostly sighted in Brampton Ontario. Please upload your personal sightings. I am unable to message you first. Message me, I will respond.

#bramptonbatman #beingbatman #batman #darkknight

The man behind the mask may not actually be exactly who you think it is and this movie aims to prove that there is another Batman out there, fighting crime and living his life too. Thanks to Lossless Creative for putting this trailer together, the main event will blow your mind!

Written by David Allen

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