Is Hater the best dating app ever?

If you have tried most of the dating apps and realised that most of the users are the same on most of the apps, do not give up try another app that promises to be different! This is Hater and while it might sound like an app to avoid it is actually a dating that matches you to others based on what you hate! This is a refreshingly different way to find somebody special and at least you will know what they hate, rather than trying to find someone based on what you both like.

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Swipe on everything from Slow Walkers to Donald Trump. Our algorithm finds your best matches, based on your swipes. When you swipe on other people, it’s anonymous. You’ll only match when you both swipe right… so haters can match, meet, date, and hate together. Can’t figure out what to say? Play a Hater Card to break the ice. Let’s end “hey” once and for all…

#hater #dating #haterdatingapp #haterdating #dates

The Hater app is free to download, but currently is only available to the owners of an iPhone and there you have already found my first hate! If you are interested in installing the Hater app you have to be ok with the app connecting to your Facebook account too, how else will it know about your hates? Check out the Hater app on iTunes now, you never know you may find someone who hates everything you do!

Written by David Allen

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