HP Plays the Generation Game with a new printer!

You have to be of a certain age to remember the Generation Game from the BBC on your television, it was hosted by Bruce Forsyth, Larry Grayson, and Jim Davidson, the final part was the conveyor belt where the winners had to remember the prizes that had passed them and the items that they remembered at the end they won!

#HP #HPBusinessPrinters #GenerationGame #HPPageWideBusinessPrintersChallenge

This kind of game would probably never return to mainstream television again, but electronics firm HP has revived this game to show off their new printer. The contestants are ready and the printer runs off a series pages all with images of cool items and the winner of the HP Generation Game walks away with a cool new laptop!

#HP #HPBusinessPrinters #GenerationGame #HPPageWideBusinessPrintersChallenge

The HP Business Printers video is a great laugh and makes us think that maybe the HP Page Wide Business Printers Challenge should be rolled out at events so that more people can try their hand at the Generation Game, who would be up for that?

Written by David Allen

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