Create an atmosphere with Qube Smart Lighting!

You may have seen it in the movies, but smart lighting does not have to cost the earth and the Qube smart lighting strip is aiming to become one of the most affordable smart lighting strips around. In order to be affordable does not necessarily mean cheap and as we have seen with the Qube Smart Bulbs they are both affordable and practical too, which is all you can hope for.

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The Qube smart lighting strip is easy to instal in your home and operate through the app on your smartphone, the effects are astonishing as you can see from the video below. If this is the effect that you are looking to achieve in your home, then this is a good place to start from. Why pay out thousands when you can get the same effect from something that you can instal yourself and move to other places too.

Share Qube with your friends and family
Receive notifications of the lighting changes in your home in real time.
Customize the lighting scenes at home
Special effects to support your party at home, or even welcoming your friends
Wake up to the sunrise with scheduled alarms
IFTTT integration to allow 237 other services to notify you with lights
Be alerted when your favorite team score a goal
Dim your lights from 10pm to 6am
Set automation to turn on/off your lights during scheduled time for optimal efficiency
Add your wearable devices to turn on/off your lights when you are present
Available for iOS and Android smart devices

#lights #qube #qubesmarthome #qubesmartlighting

Qube is hoping to get this product on sale within the next couple of months, but currently, they are looking to raise funds to produce the strip light kits by crowdfunding. The good news is that anyone backing the project with at least $24 will be eligible for the Smart Lighting starter kit, which comprises of one smart strip and a power adapter, other deals are available too, check them out on the Qube Smart Lighting page on Indiegogo.