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The future has not been written yet and if we take any notice of those classic science fiction stories it is going to be a bit bleak for most of the human race. But wherever there is despair there will always be hope and that is what the future holds for most of us, we hope that life will get better and we hope that the world is not taken over by androids, corporations or both! This is a scenario that many of us are familiar with through science fiction movies and books.

#TearsInTheRain #TITR #BladeRunner #Future #ScienceFiction

This is Tears in the Rain, it shows us a future that is familiar to us through the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick and the popular science fiction movie Blade Runner! Both stories speak of a dark future, which is not too far removed from the life that we have today. Do the writers of science fiction have a point or are we looking too deep into these stories?

Tears In The Rain is 100% complete! Five years of emotional ups and downs but we are alive and kicking. Right now we are exploring some film festivals, and that means holding off on a public showing of the film. All we want to do is share the film with everyone, trust me, but let us see what the festival circus brings us. Stay tuned for more updates.

#TearsInTheRain #TITR #BladeRunner #Future #ScienceFiction

Tears in the Rain might be a short movie but it comes with a powerful message, which we as free thinking humans are still failing to get. We allow corporations and governments to rule over us freely, we have elections that mean hardly anything and big business has the power to create, destroy or both at the same time. Is it too late for us or can we actually change out future? That is up to you to decide.

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