Helios the Near Space Launch for the 2017 Solar Eclipse!

It is not every day that you have the opportunity to become a part of a space programme, but these are interesting times and the Helios near space project aims to launch this year in time for the solar eclipse on the 21st August. This is not going to be a spectacular blast off, rather a gentle lift-off as the project involves massive helium balloons that can be reused over again.

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Naturally, this is nothing new, NASA and other agencies have been using this kind of technology to launch weather and other scientific equipment into the near space zone for a long time, the difference with the Helios space project is that it will be manned by three astronauts who will fly it to around 140,000 feet, which should them a fantastic view of the solar eclipse.

SpaceUnbound in coordination with SATINS and WimmerSpace are proud to announce their latest project, dubbed “The Helios Mission”, a monumental step in achieving widespread and financially accessible commercial space and near-space flight. With your help, we plan to send 3 pilots into near-space on August 21st on the first commercial vehicle, to record the total solar eclipse in 360 HD VR.

Clearly, this kind of launch is going to be much cheaper than a conventional rocket launch, but the cost of such a launch is still literally sky high and this is where you can step in to help out. You may not be getting a chance to go into the near space, but this is as close as you might get to being involved in a space program.

Helios is currently on Kickstarter looking to raise the estimated $100,000 needed to get this project quite literally off the ground and into near space. The good news for backers is that there are perks for getting involved, these offers range from a pair of solar viewing specs right up to being an astronaut for the day without actually leaving the planet, it all depends on how much you want to help out.

#helios #nearspacelaunch #solareclipse #satins #wimmerspace

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