Pixlplay case turns a smartphone into a cool camera!

What do you do with your old smartphones, if you are like me they end up in a cupboard that now resembles the interior of a secondhand phone shop, but if you have kids, you might want to let them have it and yet they will soon get fed up with it not doing much, which means it eventually ends up in the cupboard with the rest of the old smartphones.

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There is another way, if you place your old smartphone into the Pixlplay case then you will be giving them something else, that is both interesting and useful too, the Pixlplay is a case that turns a smartphone into a great looking camera that is easy to use and with the app the images can be edited with text and patterns to create something cool to share with friends.

Smartphones have made photography a normal part of our daily life. Smartphones have become the gateway into photography for very young kids as well. Kids are eager to shoot their own photos and play with images. Pixlplay teaches photography while safely containing your phone.

The Pixlplay works with most Android, iPhones and some Windows phones too, so long as they measure up at around 142 mm x 75 mm x 9.5 mm, some setting up may be required in order for the shutter button to work, but that is it. This colourful case breathes new life into old smartphones and gives the kids something different to do at the same time.

They are hoping to get this on sale by the middle of the year, but at the moment they are crowdfunding to raise enough money to develop and produce the camera. Anyone backing the project on Kickstarter with $25 will qualify for the Pixlplay Camera Case, wrist strap and camera craft activities pack. It is not a lot of money to fork out for something that will be giving so much pleasure to the kids of all ages.

#pixlplay #pixlplaycameracase #camera #smartphone

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