So it’s Valentines Day and you don’t have a girlfriend!

So it is that day again, Valentines Day the one time of the year when loved up couples take over the pubs and restaurants leaving those without someone to hideaway with a takeaway, a bottle of wine, and the television for company, well actually that does not sound too bad! Anyway, for those guys who have had enough of this there is only one thing to do, prove to everyone that you are not all on your own by creating some cool photos of you and your girl, she may be made up, but who is going to know?

#valentinesday #fakegirlfriend #fakegirlphotos

As you can see, creating these loved up couple photos is fairly easy, you just need a wig, some cool lighting, a couple of props and a very flexible body but not for what you are thinking! This is the way that Facebook user Rain Yokohama proves to all of those out there in the world that he has a real girl and they are indeed totally loved up.

#valentinesday #fakegirlfriend #fakegirlphotos

There are a couple of lessons here, the first being this is why you never believe everything that you see on the internet and secondly if you spent as much time looking for the right girl as you will do making these images, you could quite easily have a real girl on your arm as you walk into the restaurant tonight! The choice as ever is up to you, now what did I do with that wig!

Written by David Allen

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