FaceApp creates cool facial photo effects!

Many of us take so many photos using our smartphones these days and yet we often delete them after a while because they have become a bit boring. If only there was a way of transforming these images into something more exciting, well there are plenty of apps out there that promise this, but do they deliver on what they promise? This is FaceApp a simple name for a very interesting app that is capable of transforming photos of faces by offering some cool face changing effects, make them smile, change their gender and even change their age by making them older looking.

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Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence in just one tap! Add beautiful smile, Get younger or older, Become more attractive and Change gender

The FaceApp is available right now and it is free, so what is not to like about that? You can grab your FaceApp from Google Play for Android and from iTunes for iOS devices. If you are fed up with just plain old photos to share then you are in luck, because the FaceApp is one of the latest apps to offer users the ability to change an image with just one tap, transforming photos has never been easier.

#faceapp #facechanging #transformation #photoeffects

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