The Sinclair electric vehicle is back with the Iris eTrike!

Back in 1985 the motoring world was shocked at the sight of the Sinclair C5 one of the first electrically assisted pedal cycles to go into production. However, reliability issues and the fact that the media at the time treated it as a joke, so out of the 14,000 made only 5,000 were sold at around £400 each before the firm went broke and the Sinclair C5 became part of automotive history. Now, with electric cars being all the rage, there is another Sinclair electric vehicle going on sale, the Sinclair Iris eTrike. Like the C5 the Iris eTrike is a single seater electrically assisted pedal vehicle, but there the similarities end, this is a serious contender and has been designed taking in all of the faults of the original machine and some additions that the market demands, such as an all-weather cockpit, a top speed of up to 25 mph, a range of over thirty miles and enough storage for a bit of shopping too.

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Removable Lithium-Ion battery pack 48v 20ah provides range up to 75 km on one charge. Recharge time: 2.5 hours
250+ watt geared hub motor (silent and low maintenance)
2x Velocity Aeroheat 20 inch wheels (front)
1x H Plus Sons Eero 26 inch wheel (back)
3x Schwalbe Kojak slicks
Shimano A530 SPD Single Sided Touring Pedals (works with normal shoes or professional clip-ons)
Hinged abrasion resistant clear aviation Plexiglass GS HP (glider tech)
LCD with backlight, shows speed, distance/range, battery charge, power mode
Quad RGB LEDs on front for headlamps and indicators. Single rear LED brake light with integrated left and right repeater arrows
8-speed road bike gearing using twist grip
Approx 50kg including battery pack
Chromoly steel trike chassis inside superlight monocoque Quantum Foam EPP body

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There is, of course, one big difference here, this is the idea of Grant Sinclair the nephew of the great Sir Clive Sinclair and who had one of the original C5’s when they launched. The history is there and it is up to the Iris eTrike to change it for the better, could this really be the electrically powered vehicle that we have been waiting for? There are two versions of the Iris eTrike coming to market, the Eco and the Extreme, both are based on the latest technology and design, the difference between to the two is that the Extreme has a top speed of around 30 mph and a few other touches. Sinclair is hoping to get these on sale during the last quarter of this year and both models can be secured with a £99 deposit. As for the final price of the Iris eTrike Eco will be priced at £2,999 and the Iris eTrike Extreme will cost £3,499.

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