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These days it is easy to find that your home entertainment equipment can begin to take over the place and before you know it there are set top boxes, the TV, remote controls, games consoles, cables and to cap it all not many HDMI ports to go around, this is the extreme end of the scenario but it is something that most of us can relate to in some way. Sorting this out is not easy, but Caavo could be a solution to this problem if you are willing to fork out $400 for the privilege. This is the set top box that once connected to all of your devices will offer voice-activated control of the TV, set top boxes and anything else connected to it.

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Auto Detect. Plug in whatever device – AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, cable and satellite and gaming – into any port and Caavo configures it.
Unified Control. Use our simple remote to control it all – pay TV, streaming and gaming (plus, your game controllers and old remotes will still work too).
On-Command TV. Speak into the Caavo remote, and your TV turns on, finds what you want to watch and plays from wherever you left off.
Universal Search. Search once for a show or movie and find it across all your content, including pay TV.
Universal Watchlists. See everything you’ve recently watched, organized onto one screen sorted by service.
Total access. Find all your favorite apps and services together in one place. Everything from iTunes to Netflix to Amazon Prime is there, side-by-side.

#caavo #settopbox #remotecontrol #homeentertainment

This could be the set up that you have been waiting for, it manages all of your set-top boxes providing you with an easy to use navigation system, just say “Watch” and it will pick up from where you left off or show you what is available through the various services that are connected to the Caavo. The company are taking pre-orders from June with the price of the device being $399, currently, there is a limited run of five thousand units planned but who knows how this is going to go. We just need to see this thing in action before passing the final judgement on the Caavo home entertainment hub!

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