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Sometimes publishing on WordPress can be a nightmare, the formatting goes wrong, the images do not display properly and it takes you hours to sort it out. At times like this, it makes you wonder why you bother and the very fact that you have bothered is what sets you out from the everyone else. Well, the good news is that things are about to get easier for you with a new idea called Wordable. You may remember it as something else Wordable used to be known as Postable, it is a simple system works with your Google Docs and allows you to post to WordPress with just one click, how cool is that? You do not have jump all in either, just press the “Try It Free!” button at the top of the page, log in with your Google Account and allow it to access Google Drive etc then you are good to go.

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The idea for Wordable came about when I accepted a guest post for our site that took over 3 hours to format. The guest article was sent in Google Docs and I had to manually export every image, all of the formatting and text. At the time, we were publishing 2 posts a week for our site Grow and Convert and formatting each blog posts was taking up too much time. We talked to a friend and developer about the problem we were having and he built a MVP version for us to try.

#wordable #postable #googledocs #wordpress #bloggers

Simply fill in the fields on the page and you will be able to publish saved documents on your Google Drive to your WordPress draft blog post page. There are other features and functions too, but you may not too bothered with them until you are totally satisfied that this is something that will work for you. You can try Wordable free for a day, after that, a single site user will be charged around $19 a month, which might seem to be a bit pricey for a one man blog, but for a multi-user site, it might be worthwhile it just depends on how they have things set up. One thing is for sure, Wordable can make the life of a blogger easier, but the cost might put them off.

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