Anyone Can Make An App For Google Daydream VR Now

Yes, anyone can make an app for Google Daydream VR now. Gone are the days when developing an App for the platform was reserved for only for a selected few partners. The limitations have actually not been gone for too long now.

Google has been offering a platform for App developers for some time now. Developing an App for Google is made easier with their developer site. There are a host of other firms that are now offering platforms for App developers with which to work their magic. Online gambling sites such as are those among who are also engaging independent App developers. May be winning that real money jackpot will become even more fun.

Google Daydream VR is a new offering in the Google’s portfolio services. By allowing anyone to develop Apps for Daydream VR, Google will improve the user experience. Apps that are developed will be submitted through Play Store the same way as for all other applications. On top of the basic requirements there is a unique set of requirements just for Daydream Apps. The benchmarks that have to be met include providing a 360° photosphere. Another asset that developers will be required to provide for a VR app is a motion intensity rating.

It is essential to develop tools that improve the workings of such new technological advancements as VR. Major corporations such as Google have acknowledged that they cannot limit the creation of such tools to their in-house teams and partners. This is good thing. Especially for the users of such resources. Independent App developers bring fresh perspectives which enable the creation of applications with relevant functions.

The Daydream VR from Google is set to be a huge hit. It is the Apps that will improve the usability of the service from the industry revolutionizing corporation. Good times are ahead for the online community.