You must defend Earth in the Mothergunship game!

There are some cool games coming and yet again we are getting the best of both worlds being classic gaming with the state of the art design, you simply cannot go wrong with the Mothergunship game, it is on its way and to be perfectly honest we cannot wait for it. This is a game gives players guns, but not just any old guns, these are big guns designed to wipe out the invading robotic aliens.

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You will play the game in a first-person shooter mode with the addition of incoming weapons fire that has to be avoided if you are to survive! The good news is that you get to build your own weapons, so you learn what you need and create a weapon that suits your style of combat. But there are a lot of robots in the invading army, so you know deep down that this is not going to be easy and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our mission is clear, our determination strong, and our guns are very, very big. Terrible Posture Games, in partnership with Grip Digital, is proud to announce MOTHERGUNSHIP, a bullet-hell FPS hybrid for PC and consoles that pits you, Earth’s last hope, against the armadas of data-hoarding robotic alien invaders.

#mothergunship #fps #firstpersonshooter #mothergunshipgame

The Mothergunship will be available for PC and console gamers, so there is no reason not to give this game a try unless you do not like shooting robotic aliens and saving the planet from their invasion. You can find out more from the Mothergunship website, but basically, you can go to the Steam page for updates and news. Mothergunship will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers, which is just about all gamers isn’t it? Watch the teaser video to see what you think, but most gamers will not need much convincing, this is a great game in the making.

#mothergunship #fps #firstpersonshooter #mothergunshipgame

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