Wear your wireless earphone with the Erling Enn!

The idea of wireless earphones is brilliant, but there are some issues too and losing just one earphone is enough to drive you crazy, let alone having to worry about the cost of replacing the lost earphone too. So you still want the freedom of going wireless and you also want the security of knowing that your expensive wireless earphones are safe and sound where you left them, this is where the Erling Enn comes in. More like a classic piece of jewellery the Erling Enn is functional as well as looking great when not in use. The idea is simple enough just remove the earphones from your ears and place onto the Erling Enn where strong magnets will hold then in place until you need then again.

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Inherently Attractive; Erling Enn comes in silver or gold. It attaches to your clothing with magnets placed on the inside and outside your shirt or jacket. No damage is done to your clothing with pins or clasps. The outside magnet’s slanted surface design allows each AirPod to lay neatly next to each other on their own smooth surface.

#erling #enn #erlingenn #wirelessearphones #audio

Like all good jewellery, the Erling Enn comes in a gold or silver finish and they look stunning. But you cannot buy these just yet as they are still in development with a crowdfunding program in place to enable the next stage or production to go ahead. This means that anyone interested in the Erling Enn can grab themselves a bargain, the estimated retail price will start from around $85, but get involved now and save $30, back the project on Kickstarter with just $55 and one of the first Erling Enns off the production could be yours. This is a great way of making sure that your wireless earphones are always handy and you have a place to put them when not in use, Erling Enn looks great and offers peace of mind for wireless earphone owners. For more details and how you can get hold of a pair go to the Erling Enn website.

#erling #enn #erlingenn #wirelessearphones #audio

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