Sleep and stress less with your VR headset

Normally when we mention VR headsets it is easy to think of them being used for gaming and nothing else, but as the cost of this equipment becomes more affordable there are more ideas coming out to utilise virtual reality technology. One idea is the Kortex device, they say it can help with sleep and stress, which is something that many people could make use of. The Kortex system works with a VR device, but it is not part of the package, so the first thing that you need is a virtual reality headset, once you have that then you are a good part of the way to better sleep and a less stressful life.

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The complete Kortex™ kit includes the base unit, two electrode clips, two electrode sponge caps, electrode sponges, wires, and a headband. A three-month supply of electrode sponges (not shown) will be included with every kit. Additional sponges will be available for purchase at a reasonable price. You may bundle Kortex™ with a VR headset, or purchase a VR headset separately. Every Kortex™ will be covered by a 1-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty (parts and labor).

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Basically, the Kortex is a device that has been designed to encourage the brain to produce serotonin while at the same time lowering cortisol, get this right and you find that you will be sleeping better and will be less stressed too all but using the system for just twenty minutes a day. If the results are that good then that is time well spent. They are hoping to get this to the marketplace by the middle of the year and to achieve this they are currently running a crowdfunding program on Indiegogo. Once they have raised enough funds the Kortex will enter the production phase. So to encourage backers they are offering anyone backing the project with at least $299 will be entitled to a Kortex kit and the Lands End VR game, what a bargain!

#Kortex #VR #KortexVR #Sleep #Stress #VRHeadset #KortexKit #LandsEndVRGame

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