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Social media, cameras and smartphones are made for each over, but how often do you miss something interesting or exciting to take an image of or video simply because your smartphone is in your pocket, bag or just switched off? It is just one of those things that we have to put up with these days or is it? Well, Snapchat might have the answer with their new Spectacles, they look like fashionable sunglasses and yet they are so much more. These sunglasses come with some cool tech built in that allows to the wearer to make a snappy ten-second video to share on Snapchat so that your friends and family are able to see what you have been up to most of the time.

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Specs make memories, from your perspective.
Press the button to make a 10?second Snap.
Lights show friends you’re Snapping.
Wirelessly add your Snaps to Memories on Snapchat.
Specs charge in their case.

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Before now you had to be in the right place at the right time to find the special Snapchat vending machines in order to get your hands on a pair of these glasses, but things have changed for those US based Snapchat fans as from now on they can be ordered online from the special Spectacles website. There are three colours to choose from Pink, Black and Blue, they come with a stylish case that also acts as a charger for the glasses and there is a charging cable too, the price of the Snapchat Spectacles is $129.99 and they will be delivered in two to four weeks! This is a great idea for anyone who loves to make short videos and share them with family and friends, it was not that long ago when something like this would have been thought of as unbelievable, but they are here now and you can find our more from the Snapchat Spectacles website.

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