Is This Jacket The Solution To Carrying Luggage?

If you are a frequent flyer then you will already know that those baggage charges can build up to a fair amount of cash over the years and yet there appears to be no way around these fees or is there? Surely, there is no around these charges, after all even if you are away for a day or two, you will still need to take some luggage with you and this is the problem with some airlines charging for anything they can get away with.

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Yet, the solution could be easier than you might think, this is the Airport Jacket, but it is not just any old jacket this is jacket has been designed to carry your luggage onto the aircraft and off again when you arrive at your destination. It comes with fourteen deep pockets built in, it can carry up to fifteen kilos of luggage and when you are not wearing this jacket simply carry it around in the duffle bag that is also stored within the jacket.

Stylishly designed, The Airport Jacket is wearable luggage for the frequent flyer, enabling you to beat the baggage queues, avoid excess baggage fees and eliminate the risk of lost luggage! Totalling 14 deep pockets, including 8 pockets at hip length, 11 pockets at 3?4 length and 14 pockets at full length, The Airport Jacket includes 2 detachable pocket panels and a carry-on size duffle bag.

#airportjacket #luggage #checkin #airport #travel #coat #wearableluggage

They are hoping to get the Airport Jacket on sale later on this year with a retail price of around $400 AUD, but if you check out the crowdfunding page on Kickstarter you could grab one of these coats from just $239 AUD and that is a considerable saving. The Airport Jacket is ideal for anyone looking to save money on the fees that airlines are trying to charge us for travelling for work or just a break or just get past the long line of fellow passengers at the desk. For details on the Airport Jacket and how you could grab a bargain go their page on Kickstarter.

#airportjacket #luggage #checkin #airport #travel #coat #wearableluggage

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