Lynq Your Hub For Wireless Charging!

Wireless charging is great and saves the need of looking around for a cable, socket and somewhere to balance the device while it is charging, but being able to charge your device is one thing, being able to use it with other devices at the same time is something different altogether. This might be a vision of the past soon if the Lynq six into one wireless hub gets enough financial backing from its crowdfunding campaign.

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The hub itself is super neat looking and offers four USB ports, a wireless charger on top, a built in speaker that connects via Bluetooth, a directional microphone with a wide range, and it can even hold your pens etc. This is one unit with many jobs and it can bring organisation to your office, home or just your desk if you like, forget about those cables messing up the desk, go wireless with the Lynq wireless hub.

Modern, multitasking life requires a lot of equipment: USB hubs, USB C converters, USB cables, chargers, speakers, speakerphones, pen holders etc. Everyone wants to be prepared without being bogged down. We created LYNQ out of our own need to simply and elegantly consolidate our tech lives into one device we could rely on throughout the day.

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Normally something that is brand new is going to be expensive, but the Lynq is not expensive at all with backers of the project being able to grab one from just $79, but the first 100 backers can bag a bargain at just $69. If everything goes according to plan the Lynq will be going on sale later on this year. If you are interested in the Lynq six into one wireless hub then head on over their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter for news and detail on how you can get involved with the project, while securing a hub for yourself at the same time.

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