Why Buy When You Can Zent It Instead?

There is no doubt that we are living in a well established consumer society and yet why are all the cool things out of our price ranges? This is made worse by the fact that by the time we have saved up enough money to buy these valued objects, they have moved on to the next generation and are more expensive, this is the way that the commercial world works, they tease and torment us into taking out credit or loans so that we pay more for these things and are trapped into the world of the consumer.

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Well it looks like times are changing and Zent is going to help us get things that we need right now and when we have finished with them they go right back to where they came from with just a rental charge to pay. Yes, we know that some people are going to say that paying the rental on something is a waste of money and maybe it is, but they are normally the ones with old stuff and debts, so who is laughing now?

Rent what you need. Own less.
Stop buying things you don’t have room for. Just Zent them and keep your space.
Save space and costs
Save your space as well as your bank account. Zent gives you the tools to stay thrifty without limiting your lifestyle.
Basic, Pro, Sports packages
Starting off a new hobby, why pay more? Get packages that are made for you.
Single, couple, family–we’ve got you covered
Traveling with your spouse or family? Get a package tailored to your unique needs.

#zent #zentapp #zentownless #ownless #savespace

Zent is a great idea if you want to live for the moment and you are not interested in owning a lot of stuff that was once cool and is now obsolete. It is easy to get started too, just download the Zent app for free from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS, that is more or less it. Now just search for cool stuff that has been put together with you and your lifestyle in mind, sounds great now and so we shall have to wait a while to see how everyone else sees it. Go to Zent to find out more about this service, you know you want to!

#zent #zentapp #zentownless #ownless #savespace

Written by David Allen

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