Batteries become missiles in super slow-mo!

We have seen the videos of batteries exploding and some of us have even experienced this first hand, but what do you need in order to make a battery explode? It seems like the main ingredient is a heat source, so the famous Slow Mo boys on YouTube had an idea, why not see what happens when you apply heat to a standard AA battery, well you know what is going to happen here don’t you? This video is great and being the Slow Mo boys as it happens you get to see every single little spark. Sure the video is a bit of fun and it just goes to show that heat and a battery really do not mix. There is a serious message here too but will everyone take any notice of it, of course not!

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Gav and Dan once again prove warning labels right. Don’t try this at home. The bits of battery might dent your face and the gas that comes out might dent your lungs.

Clearly, this is something that should never be tested out at home, work or anywhere else come to think of it. Who would have thought that a simple battery that we take for granted every day could become such a deadly weapon? Then again you have to suppose that the chances are a battery coming into contact with such an intense heat source is not going to happen by accident.

#Battery #Batteries #Heat #ExplodingBattery #Missile #Explode

#Battery #Batteries #Heat #ExplodingBattery #Missile #Explode

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