You have to be a good shot to turn the alarm off!

I don’t know about you but I do not have any trouble waking up and getting out of bed in the morning, but obviously there are those who find this to be a daily struggle and for those poor people who are always getting into trouble at work for turning up late they need a bit of help. We are not talking about expensive clocks, apps for smartphones or anything else like that, we are talking about an alarm that once it starts it will not switch off until you have hit the target with a Nerf!

#nerf #alarm #piezocrystal #nerfalarm #targetalarm #arduino

Thanks to the Normal Universe on YouTube we have found this video that at first shows you the alarm and how to switch it off, if is followed by instructions that show you how to build one of these cool alarms for yourself, how cool would that be? Before you switch off and move onto the next post, this alarm is not that complicated, sure you are going to need some tools and equipment, but if you are handy you could easily make this alarm and install it into your home.

#nerf #alarm #piezocrystal #nerfalarm #targetalarm #arduino

#nerf #alarm #piezocrystal #nerfalarm #targetalarm #arduino

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