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Many of us take communication for granted and it can be in many different forms too, so imagine how difficult life could be if you had difficulty in hearing, this would mean that even simple communications are difficult and in some cases impossible, just imagine how that would make you feel! You might have thought that technology should be able to help, yet as with all new technology, there is a cost involved, which for some people is beyond reach. Fortunately, all is not lost as there are some firms interested in making the lives of less fortunate people better and BeWarned is one of those businesses.

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BeWarned has looked at this issue from a different perspective, from the person who has a hearing problem and this idea is called quite aptly Connect. It is an app and like all good apps, it is available for both Android and iOS powered devices for free! It is so simple to use too, it converts speech into text which is displayed on the screen of the smartphone and the other way around too, the user types into the device and it comes out as speech, making life so much easier for all. It is so simple and easy to use, which is what will make this app very useful to the hard of hearing who will be able to get their point across.

Vitaliy Potapchuk, BeWarned Co-Founder, is hard of hearing since childhood. Because of that, it requires a lot of effort for him to drop a chat with, for example, a receptionist at a hotel. Whenever he needs to say something or to receive an answer on his question quickly, most often he cannot do so. He is one of those 400 millions.

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This useful app is available right now on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS, the great news is that this is a free app, so you have nothing to lose from just trying it out, it might work for you, it might not! If you need more information on Connect app go to the BeWarned website.

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