Danny Rand is Marvels Iron Fist!

With so much Marvel material available you might think there is enough already, but no there is never enough of this stuff and Iron Fist is just something new from Netflix. The fact that Iron Fist is on this channel will mean that not everyone will get to see it, just like the other Marvel shows currently available on Netflix. Iron Fist has been a long time in the making, it could have been a movie at one time, but things change and it seems to have been saved by Netflix. Soon it will become the latest TV series based on Marvel characters by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, it will be starring Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, David Wenham, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, and Rosario Dawson. This is an interesting concept that is a bit dark and ideal for a binge of Marvel superhero television when you have a bit of spare time.

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Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny.

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After being assumed dead, Danny Rand returns to New York he has been missing for around fifteen years and a lot of things can change in that time. He wants to reclaim the family business but he is faced with a choice that will change his life, does he choose the family firm or the legacy known as the Iron Fist? This is the fourth Marvel story to be produced by Netflix, it all started with Daredevil, then Jessica Jones and finally Luke Cage, then came along The Defenders a crossover miniseries and now we have the Iron Fist to look forward to, it is shame that only Netflix members will get to see this great content and yet with the TV channel these series would probably not have been made in the first place, so this is the way that television is made these days.

#ironfist #marvel #marvelironfist #dannyrand #superhero #powers

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