YouTube TV for those fed up of paying too much for cable!

A long time ago the television signal came into our homes via an aerial, in some cases today digital television still does and yet with all of this technology out there surely there must be an easier or better way of getting watch the content when we want to. Sure there are other forms of TV content available but at what price, cable and satellite TV providers seem to be able to charge whatever they want for this service.

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But there is a new kid on the block, well we say, new kid, which is not entirely true this is YouTube TV a new subscription service from the internets favourite online video channel. It promises to provide US viewers with a constant stream of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC & more channels too. Of course, this is not free it will cost you $35 per month, but you do get unlimited online DVR storage, access to YouTube Red, and an AI powered search.

YouTube TV is about to launch anytime soon maybe as early as a few weeks time, but it you are really interested in this service then fill out the form with your email and ZIP code in order find out when the service will be coming to your area. This is nothing new, but it is a service that offers you choice and you can cancel your subscription when you want to with no penalties to pay.

#YouTube #YouTubeTV #TV #Video #TVChannels #Google

This has been a long time coming, YouTube have been working on this for a while now and there is competition already out there, but this is new and has to be worth a look as and when it comes out at your location. This is a bold move, but it does prove to us that YouTube is thinking about business rather than being a place where people just watch videos of cats and dogs doing funny things.

#YouTube #YouTubeTV #TV #Video #TVChannels #Google

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