Zombies an iPhone and Instagram that’s Instapocalypse!

The zombie apocalypse has happened, you and a friend have been running, hiding and surviving these terrible times. Yet one day something amazing happens you find an iPhone, not only is it still working, it is connected too and that means only one thing, take some selfies and post them on Instagram, what else! This is a different look at how we would carry on should the zombie uprising start, we all know how we think we would react but when something like that actually happens, all of the plans and rules go out of the window, we are in survival mode and finding a working iPhone might seem like a lifeline, but will the social aspect of our lives take over, that is what Instapocalypse explores.

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Director Martin Sofiedal achieved his international breakthrough in 2014 with the fan film Uncharted: Ambushed, based on the Playstation game with the same name. It garnered attention from film and game magazines from all around the world, including The Hollywood Reporter. His short film Selfie Standoff won an award at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition (LA) and was part of the official selection at Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival and Chicago Comedy Film Festival in 2016. His latest short film Instapocalypse, was recently awarded “Video of the week” by Awardeo.tv. Benjamin Falck & The Ghost Dagger will be Sofiedal’s feature film debut, for which he also wrote the script. He is also the in-house director at Go Electra, a production company in Oslo.

Instapocalypse will premiere at the famous Cinequest Film & VR Festival in Redwood City, San Jose this March, if you are looking for a different take on the end of the world as we know it, then this has to be it. It will make you think about what you would do to survive the zombie apocalypse and how finding a working iPhone could change everything that you have learned about survival in these circumstances. For information check out Martin Sofiedal on Vimeo.

#MartinSofiedal #Zombie #Apocalypse #Instapocalypse #Survivors

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