Beezmo the app that that sorts your life out!

Let’s face it, most of us could use a little bit of help now and then, yet when it comes to increasing productivity and stuff like that most of us would not have a clue where to even start. But as we so often say, no worries there is an app for that! In this case, the app is called Beezmo or it will be when it eventually launches. Currently, Beezmo is on Kickstarter where they are hoping to raise enough funding to get this app on the market and helping people to become more organised so that their work is improved and this home life is exactly that!

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An app that has been designed for this purpose is nothing new, but the way that it works is and so what could we expect from the Beezmo app? First up there is a built in alarm that is guaranteed to get you up in the mornings, it will also remind you of events and special dates, forget about your wallet this is a smart wallet, there is a tracker too so that you never lose or leave your stuff behind again. If that is not enough, tell Beezmo and they could create a specialised module to get that done, this is what sets Beezmo apart from most of the other productivity apps around.

It stops you from snoozing
Make your wallet / purse safe
Stop forgetting things
Keep your luggage safe
You can track your stuff
Create interactive to-do lists
Improve time management
Let your phone track your kids or their toys!

#beezmo #app #productivity #organised #tracker #alarm #modules

The problem that we have here is that it is early days for Beezmo, we have no idea how it will work in the real world, there is no indication of the costs involved or if it will be available for Android and iOS powered devices straight away. This is the trouble with projects destined for Kickstarter that have not for one reason or another made it onto the crowdsourcing platform, we will wait to see just how good this app is going to be later on. To stay in touch with developments head on over to the Beezmo website and register your interests.

#beezmo #app #productivity #organised #tracker #alarm #modules

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