Dot the first watch offering a Braille interface!

You might have thought that a watch that offers a face with a Braille face allowing people who are blind or visually impaired to tell the time would have been created before now and yet it seems that once again this market has been overlooked in favour of the larger marketplaces. But this is the Dot watch it looks like a standard watch and yet it comes with a braille feature on the face instead of the standard clock. This simple solution is now a reality and although it might cost more than the average watch to the people who will use this device it is priceless. The design is stylish and cool, the functions are easy to manage and with additional apps coming soon there are other features available to the users of the Dot watch.

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Blind &Visually Impaired people can benefit from DOT in all areas of life: DOT makes communication easy and private, provides fast access to information anywhere, makes navigation and transport more convenient and safe, enables efficient, independent and joyful education, improves work performance and increases job opportunities, supports leisure and sports activities.
Through the open DOT API, anyone can develop apps or services for DOT. Existing ones can be easily adapted. Apps for Braille education, social networking, navigation, newsfeed, weather and many more are already in development.

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It is early days for the Dot Braille watch, but we think that the price is going to be around $270 according to the video, even at that price the Dot watch will prove to be popular and it has to be said that unlike conventional watches this one has some serious technology and design built into it in order to make the braille display feature work properly and allow the user to be able to get the right time every time they use it. There are 24 magnetic sensors built into the watch face, the user will be able to get notifications, messages and even directions from the device. The Dot will be able to receive calls, alerts and can operate like a remote control, this a truly a smart smartwatch if that is at all possible. If you want to stay in touch with the development of the Dot watch head on over to the Dot Watch website, where you can pre-order one too.

#dot #dotwatch #dotbraillewatch #smartwatch #braille #braillewatch

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