MeArm Pi the Raspberry powered robotic arm!

No matter what your job or interests are everyone has to start from somewhere and these days there are plenty of ways to get involved in the world of robotics. You might be thinking that the cost of building your own robot would be out of the reach of most people, but a lot of the components can be picked up from electronics stores and the brain could be the cheap Raspberry Pi computer, so now you can see that building a basic robot is not going to cost the earth.

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This is the MeArm Pi it is a robotic arm that you build yourself from a kit, just add your own Raspberry Pi or Arduino and a joystick you are on the way to building this robot from the basic kit, there are other kits available that include an Arduino unit and Joystick but who wants to pay more for something when you can grab yourself a bargain.

At its heart is the Raspberry Pi, a low cost computer that has been developed to make learning about computing accessible and fun. The MeArm Pi can be controlled directly through the on-board joysticks, or you can learn to code by making it move using one of the many programming languages run on the Raspberry Pi. All of the software is free and covers a wide range of skill levels, from absolute beginner to experienced programmer.

#mimeindustries #mearm #roboticarm #raspberrypi #mearmpi

The two kits can be ordered straight from the Mime Industries website where you can choose from the Just the MeArm kit at £32.99 just add your own Raspberry Pi computer this kit or the Deluxe Kit that comes with the MeArm robot arm kit, a brains board for you to program, a joystick controller and battery pack for a surprising £76.99. For details on how to order yours go to the MeArm webpage alternatively, you could check out the Mime Industries page on Kickstarter where you will find more information and some different deals for backers of the project.

#mimeindustries #mearm #roboticarm #raspberrypi #mearmpi

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