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As a student, you might have lived in a house share and even after those university days you may have decided that sharing a house or flat might be a cool thing to do, yet sometimes the question of money will come up and this can often ruin a good living arrangement. The very idea of owing money or not paying your way in a shared house is just wrong, there are no winners in this scenario either. However, there is some help out there and one such idea is the Evenfy app, this app helps you stay on top of who owes what and to whom, this is one app that could literally save you from having to return to home to the parents and explain why you are back there with your tail between your legs.

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If ever there was an app that promoted fairness, this is probably it, with the Evenfy app installed on your smartphone you get manage to the little things, those bills and IOU’s that get everyone down, with this app you can be sure that everyone gets paid what they are owed and that is just another thing that you do not have to worry about anymore, you can just get on with your studies or work and let the Evenfy app worry about those little money things.

Evenfy is a free tool to manage household IOUs with roommates, split bills on the next trip with friends or with business partners at the office and track group expenses so that everyone gets paid back. Besides that, all info added by you and your group always syncs between your phone, tablet and computer. An intuitive and simple way for managing all your group expenses so that everyone gets paid back.

#evenfy #evenfyapp #managemoney #sharedbills #houseshare #flatmates

So you be thinking that something like is going to cost you money before you even get started on managing your money, well it is not, Evenfy is a free app so you are onto a winner straight away. You can download the Enenfy app from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS devices. Or you can take a closer look at what this app has to offer by heading over to the Evenfy website, this could be the answer to your house sharing money issues and the basic version is not going to cost you a penny, how cool is that?

#evenfy #evenfyapp #managemoney #sharedbills #houseshare #flatmates

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