Herbert the vertical hydroponic salad farm for the home!

You might think that having your own hydroponic farm in the home might be something that would only be available in the future, but the future could be here now with the Herbert! This is a wall mounted vertical hydroponic farming system, which will mean that once installed fresh salad and vegetables will always be available no matter what time of the year it is and there is no need to even go outside either. Obviously, there will be some setting up to do, but once you are in the routine of the system fresh food will be available every day.

Growing with a hydroponic system means that no soil is required, so it is clean, light and just requires a water supply and sunlight, but this is indoor growing, so forget about the sunlight too, because this system comes with its own LED light source, the Herbert has everything you need to start your own hydroponic vertical growing system in your home. This is the future of food growing and it is happening right now!

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Growing at home gives you full transparency of your food. You know what it is: GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides, all fresh and organic. Harvest it when you need it. This way you can reduce your food waste too. These are some examples of greens that we offer to grow in Herbert. Herbert comes with a starter kit which includes 30 sponges, seeds and fertiliser. More sponges and seeds can be delivered directly to your home.

Getting started is easy, it starts with placing a seed into a sponge and then into a pot, the pot then goes into the Herbert, cover with the cap and wait for the seed to sprout. You can place up to fifteen pots into the vertical hydroponic farming system at any one time. Add some water every one to two weeks and some fertilizer every three to four weeks. Now you just have to wait for the plants to grow and that is it!

#herbert #hydroponics #seed #grow #verticalhydroponicfarming #food

The Herbert vertical hydroponic farming system should be going on sale later on this year with a starter kit costing around 500 Euros, but head on over to the Herbert crowdfunding page on Kickstarter and you could get one from just 369 Euros, not a high price to pay for fresh salad, vegetables and fruit every day. The only worry you will have now is what crops to grow!

#herbert #hydroponics #seed #grow #verticalhydroponicfarming #food

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