RISE the movie that changes Judgement Day!

In science fiction we often find that one day robots will become aware, they will become to think and act on their emotions, this has been called Judgement Day it is the day when the machines rise up against the humans. Yet as we know history is not written until an event actually happens, so what if some humans have seen this coming and instead of governments ignoring these warnings, they put in place a plan of action that will see all robots hunted down and destroyed.

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In the short science fiction movie RISE, this is what happens, the robots have become too intelligent and emotional, they are almost human and these are the signs that governments have been warned about. The plan is put into action and the hunt for the robots begins. The trouble for the hunters is that the robots have a plan too and the hunt is not going to plan, the two sides line up against each other, robots versus humans, who will survive this version of Judgement Day?

In the near future, sentient robots are targeted for elimination after they develop emotional symmetry to humans and a revolutionary war for their survival begins. Starring Anton Yelchin and Rufus Sewell.

#rise #robots #humans #antonyelchin #judgementday #hunter #killers

This started off as a short movie, but it is too good to be left there and it seems that RISE is about to make the jump from short science fiction movie, to a full length movie. The only bad news is that the main robot character is played by the late Anton Yelchin, so it will be interesting to see who they decide can take on such a role. RISE has everything needed to make a great science fiction movie, let’s hope that it makes its way through the maze of movie making, at the moment there is no news on when this is like to happen. To stay in touch with developments go to the RISE website where there is plenty of news, images and videos available related to the short movie.

#rise #robots #humans #antonyelchin #judgementday #hunter #killers

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