In case you missed it this is the Deadpool 2 teaser!

When Wade Wilson became Deadpool I began to see Marvel Movies differently, and now after all of the rumours, it looks like we are going to get Deadpool 2 thanks to a teaser video released by Ryan Reynolds on his YouTube channel and it is really cool! Deadpool is of course, his normal self a man on a mission, which involves saving people and making the criminals pay for their bad choice of career.

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But there is more to this teaser than first meets the eye, there is Logan showing at the cinema, Stan Lee makes an appearance and there is a piece of grafitti on the wall in the alley where a murder is committed that states “Oggy Was Here!” surely a reference to another Marvel character and friend of the mighty Thor, Oggmunder Dragglevadd Vinnsuvius XVII from Jotunheim who is also known as Oggy!

#deadpool #oggy #logan #stanlee #deadpool2 #marvel #ryanreynolds

#deadpool #oggy #logan #stanlee #deadpool2 #marvel #ryanreynolds

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