The Illumi Cap puts some light on the subject!

In the summer months the lack of light is not a problem and yet as the days become shorter the light becomes less bright presenting us with some visibility issues. This can also be said about some the jobs that we carry out, imagine working in a badly lit area and the power goes out, this sounds like a nightmare! This would not be so much of an issue if the cap you were wearing came with a built-in LED light that gets its power from either solar or the mains power supply, this is the Illumi Cap!

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The cap is not just something for a bit of fun, this has serious application such as staying safe on dark nights, as it comes with a rear light in red that will ensure that you are noticed while walking alongside a road during those dark or dull evenings, this cap also comes with a built-in pedometer allowing the user keep track of all those steps for work or just for fun!

You put it on before heading out for a big planned day, but knowing the unknowing is also probable. You go about your day like any other time you’ve done this activity; work, a camp trip, fishing, biking, hunting, or just being the active you that you are. The sun sets, and the night takes over the blue skies. The unknowing now surfaces – drop your keys under your seat in the theater, some money falls from your wallet under your car, can’t find your way back to your campground, a thunderstorm brought about a power outage.

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The cap is fitted with 21 solar cells that are capable of providing around three hours of light following five hours of solar charging or if the battery pack is charged through the mains power supply, just three hours of charging will provide the user with up to twelve hours of light which can be directed in 15, 30, or 45 degree angles and there is a maximum front beam distance of around 10 meters.

This project can be found on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter where backers can secure the basic cap with no pedometer from just CA$53 or the cap with the pedometer will set you back around CA$85 with deliveries expected to be around the middle of the year and remember there is free worldwide delivery on the Illumi Cap! For more details on this cap go to the Opus High Tech website!

#illumicap #led #solarpower #ledcap #pedometer #illumiledcap

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