Trtl The Travel Pillow Reinvented!

If you are a looking for a travel pillow the chances are that you will be directed to one of those U-shaped pillows that can after a while literally a pain in the neck, this is because they can often hold your head in the wrong position so that when you awake you find that your neck is stiff and that is not a good feeling. Obviously, there are many factors involved in why you have a stiff neck, it could be that you have moved in your sleep or that the seat is the wrong shape, either way, there is a need for something else and Trtl hopes that they have the answer with their travel pillow.

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The design of the Trtl travel pillow is completely different from other designs on the market, it will fit any neck, jaw and shoulder shape allowing it to be personalised for each person that uses it. The travel pillow can be washed in a machine and when not in use it can be folded away taking up hardly any room. If you have found that sleeping on a plane is a bit like trying to sleep on a roller coaster, then you might want to give this pillow a try, because that scenario will be a thing a past.

Trtl Travel Pillow combines super soft, hypo-allergenic fleece with a hidden internal neck support system to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping – no need to lean against a window. Get a blissful sleep on your next long haul flight without pain or discomfort. Scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow for travel, Trtl Pillow has been and strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.

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This ingenious travel pillow is on sale now, it can be found on the Trtl Amazon store, you may think that something like this is going to be costing a lot, yet despite it being called one of the best travel gadgets around the Trtl travel pillow will cost you just £24.95 with free postage and packaging too. The Trtl travel pillow comes in black, red, grey or coral, it half the size of a standard U-shaped travel pillow and weighs half as much too. For more details go the Trtl website.

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