WOCH the wooden wireless phone charger!

As smartphone users we are all used to the great features we get to use all the time such as the camera and the apps that allow us to share stuff with family, friends and the world. Yet there is one feature that all smartphones have in common and that is charging the battery, and yes some of us have to stick that charging cable into the device a couple of times a day, nightmare! Well, it does not have to be like that with wireless charging, you know how they work you plug it into the mains power supply, place your phone onto the pad and with any luck, it is charged will you work.

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The problem is many of the wireless chargers available today are plain and made from plastic, but this is the WOCH wireless charger and it offers all the benefits of a standard model but it is handcrafted from real wood making the whole thing look spectacular no matter where you decide to use it. The WOCH is the idea of a couple of students from Slovenia, the idea being that we all have to charge our smartphones but there is nothing stopping us doing it style and there is nothing more stylish than a wireless charger made from real wood!

WOCH works with all QI compatible devices. Most new phones already have built in QI receiver, but if you have an IPhone or other phone without QI receiver, don’t worry. You can simply just put QI receiver behind your case. It’s so thin, that you won’t even notice it. Or better yet, use QI phone case. Output: up to 5 W power transfer to the receiver (max: 5V, 1A). Current limit and over-temperature protection. 1 m (39 inch) long cable with USB connector.

#WOCH #Pedpac #WoodenCharger #WirelessCharger #WOCHWirelessWoodenCharger

Currently, the WOCH is in the development stages and the team are planning to launch it on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter next week. They are hoping to get it sale by the middle of the year with a retail price of around $60, but if you are quick enough you could grab one from just $38 and that has to be a bargain. The WOCH is made from selected wood and comes with a metre long USB cable. To keep in touch with developments go to the Pedpac website now!

#WOCH #Pedpac #WoodenCharger #WirelessCharger #WOCHWirelessWoodenCharger

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