#Kong weighed up on #SkullIsland

You cannot have missed the trailers for Kong: Skull Island, but just in case you haven’t seen the trailers and images, it is about a group of people looking to exploit the resources of an uncharted island, the trouble is the king of the island is Kong and some say he is 100 feet tall! So on the basis of that, we are wondering if this ape is so tall, how much would he weigh? Well it seems like someone has done the math work for us, check out this graphic from best UK casino, they have all of the facts and figures well what do you expect from a firm whose business is about figures!

 #Kong #SkullIsland #KongSkullIsland #KongMovie #KingKong

#Kong #SkullIsland #KongSkullIsland #KongMovie #KingKong

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