#Google and #Levis show off a #SmartJacket

Until now wearable technology has been either too big, no very good or both at the same time in the worst cases. But when the likes of Google and the denim designer Levi get together they come up with something that is not just usable, it looks cool too. This jacket is the result of Project Jacquard where Google have tried to create a wearable that has conductive fibre built directly into the fabric. You might be thinking that something like this is going to be years off and yet at the SXSW the result of this partnership has produced a stylish smart jacket.

#ProjectJacquard #GoogleLeviJacket #WearableTechnology #CommuterTruckerJacket

Obviously, this is not going to be in the stores anytime soon, but it is a good example of what we can expect to be looking at in the not too distant future. The first clothing range to use this wearable technology will be designed by Levi’s and it is expected to be aimed at the cyclist, runner and other outdoor clothing ranges. These jackets will feature the ability to connect to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection enabling the wearer to operate the device by tapping or swiping the sleeve of the jacket.

We integrated Jacquard technology into The Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket designed specifically for urban bike commuters. Jacquard allows wearers to control their mobile experience and connect to a variety of services, such as music or maps, directly from the jacket. This is especially useful when it might be difficult to use the smart phone, like when you are riding on your bike.

#ProjectJacquard #GoogleLeviJacket #WearableTechnology #CommuterTruckerJacket

The Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket will be available very soon, naturally, it is going to come with a price tag that is much higher than the normal price and still at around $350 this is not a price that will put many people off from buying it and being the first in their group to be seen wearing the all new connected Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket to stay in touch with developments in this sector check out the Project Jacquard and Levi websites.

#ProjectJacquard #GoogleLeviJacket #WearableTechnology #CommuterTruckerJacket

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