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When the Raspberry Pi mini computer first came out, most users had to think up cool stuff to apply it too, today we are often thinking is there anything this cheap and small computer cannot do! The MonsterBorg is just another example of this, here you can run your very own all terrain robot powered by the Raspberry Pi and controlled with joysticks just like you would with a remote controlled car. There is much more to the MonsterBorg than just driving it around the garden, this is serious technology and it is a fantastic starting point for a lot of people. After all, I started with the Sinclair Spectrum back in the day!

#ThunderBorg #MonsterBorgRobot #FourWheeledRobot #BuildYourOwnRobot

The MonsterBorg is a cool looking wheeled low-level robot, it is reminiscent of some of those remote controlled cars that are able to flip over and carry on, it is a practical design and it means you do not have to keep chasing after it when it turns over. There are no limits to this robot, it can be used at home or it could be part of a cool robot building project at school, the only limit to this is how much time you have to spend on it. The battery pack gives an impressive three hour run time, so there is no need to keep charging it up either.

Making robots is hugely educational, and the ThunderBorg controller and MonsterBorg robot have been built to suit all skill levels. The ThunderBorg controller is supplied with an array of software to interface to the Raspberry Pi and to control the MonsterBorg robot. It can be used via game controllers and joysticks like a remote control car, through a web-based browser like a spy-bot to creep up on your friends, and it can also be controlled autonomously using self-driving code. The robotic possibilities are endless!

#ThunderBorg #MonsterBorgRobot #FourWheeledRobot #BuildYourOwnRobot

The robot will work with any Raspberry Pi such as the 3, Pi 2, B+ or Pi Zero, it uses four 300 RPM Zhengke 37 mm motors on a 3 mm thick Aluminium chassis. The kit comes with four 105 mm diameter off road wheels, it makes good use of the ThunderBorg 5A motor controller, Lid requiring ten AA batteries and finally there is a handy mount for the Raspberry Pi camera. This is the perfect place to start your robot building project and it can be found on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter where it can be picked from just £150 but only if you are quick, once they have gone prices rise to £180!

#ThunderBorg #MonsterBorgRobot #FourWheeledRobot #BuildYourOwnRobot

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