#KiwiCard turns a wallet into a #SmartWallet

If you are like me and have experienced losing your wallet, then you will know how worrying it can be and when you finally find it, what a relief that can be. Yet it seems life does not have to be the hard and by using the latest technology available the KiwiCard is something that can put your mind at ease in seconds as it is a thin and small tracking device that fits nicely in the wallet, rather than you having to search around for it, wasting time and getting worked up in the process.

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The card is just 1.5 mm thick and it around the same size of a credit card, yet this card comes with a built-in battery pack that should last around three years, it connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection and can be tracked online if you think that your wallet has been stolen. So, for something so small and useful, you might think that this is going to cost a fortune and that might mean the cost will outway the benefits.

KiwiCard helps you find your wallet in an array of scenarios. Whether your wallet is lost in some faraway place or just under your couch, KiwiCard’s features can help you find it. Imagine this, you are Netflixing at a friend’s house and your wallet slips out of your pocket into their couch and it is time to leave. You can use the KiwiCard’s ProximityFind feature to show you how close you are with a distance meter on our app and make it ring for ease of search.

#kiwi #card #tracker #wallet #smartphone #bluetooth

The KiwiCard is not available just yet, but it is going through crowdfunding at the moment, which means backers of this project could find themselves getting a great bargain. So for just $22, you could be getting one of these handy trackers with the extended battery lasting up to three years, how cool is that? They are hoping to get the KiwiCard on sale by the middle of the year and that means there is not long to go to grab a bargain, for more details check out the Kickstarter page!

#kiwi #card #tracker #wallet #smartphone #bluetooth

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